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The College of Horticulture, Pune located at the heart of city in the campus of College of Agriculture, Pune, the constituent college of Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Rahuri has been renowned educational institute. Horticulture is an important sector for diversification of agriculture and has established its creditability in improving income through increased productivity, generating employment and enhancing export, besides providing household nutritional security. Small and marginal farmers who dominate the Indian scene are the true exponents of this sector. Present annual growth rate of horticulture is more than 6.5 per cent. Today, Horticulture sector contributes 30% of GDP in agriculture and 52 % of export share in agriculture from cultivated area of 8.5%. The Golden revolution has taken up Indian production of Fruits and Vegetables to world highs. India has already passed through a Golden revolution and is approaching towards Rainbow revolution.

Horticulture industry has a major contribution to agri-business in the country and plays a significant role in Indian economy. Maharashtra ranks the foremost on the horticulture map of the country and is regarded as a Horticulture state of India. There has tremendous potential for diversification of horticultural crops in terms of production, post harvest handling and value addition along with floriculture and landscaping. The importance of horticultural activities has well recognized earlier by the farmers in the state as a result there was need to expand it into a separate college of Horticulture and impart training in horticulture to young generation. To cater the need, College of Horticulture was established on 23rd August, 1984 in the existing premises of College of Agriculture, Pune.

Associate Dean Message

Welcome to this Cyber Horticultural Information and Technology Centre! Horticulture is the scientific and systematic study of production of fruits, vegetables and flowers. In the Horticultural terms, they are called Pomology, Olericulture and Floriculture, respectively. This website comprises information both for the laymen and the students and faculty of the college. Brief information can be accessed in this website on horticultural curriculum, courses available, intake capacity, faculty information, details of different subjects including Horticultural Extension Education, Crop Disease and Diagnosis, Integrated Pest Management, Protected Cultivation, Water Management, Landscaping and Gardening, Urban Farming etc. You would also information related to facilities available and the kinds of services provided to the farmers and others in this website. Horticultural produce mainly gains significance because of its post-harvest technology such as food processing and shelf-life of the produce and especially the commercialization of fruit products. Brewing of wine, preparation of juices, jelly and jam are all now part of the horticultural curriculum.

Though the College of Agriculture at Pune was established in 1907, the exclusive College of Horticulture was started in 1984 at Pune. The technologies generated in the laboratories and the research farms of the college culminate into the most useful and profitable technology support to the farmers.Click here to Read More


Dr. S.D. Masalkar
Associate Dean,
College of Horticulture Pune
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